Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lotus Sametime Advanced eGA and other updates from Voicecon

Momentum and Excitement
Steve Mills, Mike Rhodin, Bruce Morse and Laurence Guilhard-Jolie at a press event laid out the IBM Unified Communications and Collaboration strategy for CNN, Bloomberg, the Financial Times, and other. IBM has talked about their plans to invest $1 Billion over the next three years in this space -- across software, hardware, and services. IBM also talked about their IBM UC² strategy to foster innovation and business agility by making it easier for people to find, reach and collaborate with others through a unified user experience.

Lotus Sametime was recently announced as Frost & Sullivan's 2008 North American Enterprise Product of the Year Award; Unified Communications Magazine's Product of the Year; and NetworkWorld's 2008 Best of the Tests winner for Convergence and Collaboration.

IBM knows that Unified Communications and Collaboration is more than just software and technology -- it's about expertise to apply solutions to business processes and ultimately to helping customers make the right kind of difference to their top-line. IBM is the only vendor than can bring the full spectrum of technology, expertise and business partners into a single solution.

VoiceCon Wrap-Up
IBM had an excellent presence at one of the premier Unified Communications events, VoiceCon in Orlando. Avaya, Microsoft, IBM and Cisco were all keynote speakers. Mike Rhodin delivered the IBM keynote (watch it), challenging the industry to join IBM in a commitment to interoperability, and that challenge was picked up by the event's moderators and became a theme throughout the week.

Mike Rhodin has also laid out his vision for the five future trends that will drive Unified Communications -- and demonstrated a virtual, 3D meeting mashup using technology from IBM and Forterra (one of our newest virtual world technology partners). CNN has been talking about IBM and Forterra working together "...in Virtual Worlds to Solve 'Tower of Babel' for Intelligence Agencies."

IBM Lotus has also announced Shortel as a new telephony partner, who has exciting plans, and also a new partnership with VBrick who is delivering the first plug-ins for live broadcast and on-demand video streaming for Lotus Sametime.

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This week: Lotus Sametime Advanced eGA
This week's big news: delivering on what Mike Rhodin announced last week -- the newest member of the Lotus Sametime family which includes the capabilities of Lotus Sametime Standard, and expands them with advanced personal, team and community collaboration capabilities. Keep an eye on the Lotus Sametime Advanced home page tomorrow for more information and screenshots.

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